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This book tells the story of a benevolent mother who, once placed in a LTCH, died as a result of the neglect to which she was subjected. It's also the story of a loving son who, in addition to having supported her to the end, decided, by all means, to piece together the pieces of the puzzle in order to understand the situation and do justice to his mother, who died in unusual circumstances.

This novel, sometimes denunciatory, sometimes inspiring, is based on a true life experience and written with heart, in all authenticity and simplicity. Discovering the flipside of the coin and the implications of certain choices made at LTCHs in the past regarding the quality of our seniors' lives will leave no one indifferent. This book is intended for anyone interested in the reality of the seniors who built Quebec, but especially for caregivers, health care professionals and people working closely or remotely with this clientele, including the public service.

Everyone knows that the wear and tear and wrinkles on their faces and hands are like a map that reveals the paths they have taken over time. Together, let's use this story to learn from our past mistakes, but more importantly, let's use it to build a better future so that our wise elders can be treated with dignity until their last breath.

One step at a time, if family, staff and government work together, we can make it happen!

Or at least, that's my most sincere wish in sharing her story with you...

You were there for me



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    You were there for me

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